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Powerful to put in a small space!

With a small diffuser, you can quickly sterilize and deodorize anytime, anywhere!

Instantly mist and spray.


Since it is a diffuser that does not use fire, it can be used in homes with children and pets.

The operation sound is less than 30㏈, so it is very quiet and you do not have to worry about disturbing your sleep.

In addition, it is equipped with colorful 7-color LED lights, and you can convert it to your favorite color.

The gentle light is recommended as night lighting and as an interior.


The USB power supply port allows you to take power from your computer or mobile battery, so you can use it even in places where the outlet does not reach.

The size is designed to fit in a car drink holder, so you can use it in the car just by inserting it into the cigar socket. With the power of natural disinfectant deodorant, not only does it clean the air inside the car, but the ultra-fine particle mist also prevents it from drying out. Please use it on business trips and travel vehicles!


If you replenish 200 ml of water at a time, you can use it for about 4 hours in continuous spray mode. (If it is operated continuously for 4 hours, it will automatically stop due to the empty heating prevention function.)

It can be used for about 9 hours in the interval spray mode. (If the operation is performed every 9 hours, it will automatically stop due to the empty heating prevention function.)

The dry-heating prevention function automatically stops the operation when it is operated continuously for 4 hours or when the disinfectant deodorant is insufficient.

Click here for detailed instructions on using the diffuser

PRO100 round type

  • [First set contents]

    Diffuser: PRO100 round type (choose your favorite color)


    [Diffuser machine details]

    Diffuser size: 72 x 72 x 133.5 mm

    Weight: 150g Capacity: 200ml Voltage: 5V

    Battery: 9 hours operation (MAX)

    Spray volume: 40 ml / hour

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