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衛生商品、除菌剤、ディフューザー | SSP -シーシェルPower-

Friendly to people and the environment
Blessings of nature

Discerning disinfectant deodorant & diffuser

Featured Products

Contains 100% naturally derived ingredients

Seashell Power

A safe and secure disinfectant deodorant made from only natural ingredients.

It is friendly to both people and the environment and disinfects and deodorizes the space.

It is a non-alcoholic, non-chemically synthesized chemical.


The latest ultrasonic diffuser

PRO500 & PRO100

Diffuser for Seashell Power.

The space is constantly sterilized with a fine mist.

There are children and pets because it does not use fire

You can use it safely at home.

Gentle and safer

A disinfectant solution that is friendly to both people and the environment. Seashell Power was born from that desire.

A disinfectant deodorant made with only natural ingredients under the supervision of a hospital that provides cutting-edge medical care.

Since it is a raw material registered as a food additive specified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it is safe even if it is taken in a bite.

Although it is made from only natural ingredients, it has a longer lasting sterilizing effect than alcohol and hypochlorous acid.

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