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A natural disinfectant deodorant replenisher (concentrated type) exclusively for diffusers.

The amount of disinfectant deodorant that can be actually added with water is 18L for 9 2L bottles.


Click here for details on how to use the concentrated type.

Please use the diffuser sold by us: PRO500 / PRO100 round type / square type. Please refrain from using it with other devices.


ディフューザー専用 天然除菌消臭 補充液(濃縮タイプ)450ml×3本

¥8,400 Regular Price
¥6,720Sale Price
450 Milliliters
  • [Product details]

    Natural disinfectant deodorant Seashell Power (concentrated type for diffuser) 450ml x 3

    The total is 1350 ml.


    When refilling the diffuser, be sure to make sure that the power is turned off before refilling.

    The MAX water level is indicated in the water tank of each diffuser. Please do not replenish more than the MAX display. The diffuser may be damaged.

    You can also use it by refilling it in the 500 ml bottle container that comes with the first set.


    [How to use the concentrated type]

    Pour the concentrated type liquid for Seashell Power Diffuser into a 1 or 2L bottle to the lower line. (About 150 ml)

    2. Pour water up to the upper line to complete the disinfectant deodorant.

    3. Put the completed disinfectant deodorant in the water tank of the diffuser.

    * Please do not put the concentrated type in the diffuser as it is. Due to the high density, mist marks may remain whiter than usual.

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