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Non-alcoholic, non-hypochlorous acid, non-chemical synthetic chemicals.

With the natural disinfectant Seashell Power, you can easily disinfect anytime, anywhere!

The main component of Seashell Power is calcium oxide, which is a blend of natural shells baked and refined at a high temperature of 1100 ° C or higher. It is a natural sterilizing solution that has a very high bactericidal effect against viruses and bacteria by specially blending shell firing components with pure water and hydrogen hydrogen water without using any chemicals such as alcohol and ethanol.


The size is 100ml, which makes it easy to carry, so it fits in a small bag.

Just spray it when you're on the go!

Very easy, quick and lasting sterilization.

Natural disinfectant Seashell Power

¥2,700 Regular Price
¥2,160Sale Price
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    Seashell Power 100ml x 3


    Please spray on the furniture and space of the room, objects and places such as remote controls and doorknobs that you often touch, and places where you want to disinfect. The sprayed marks may remain white, but it is the active ingredient of the shell firing component and there is no problem with the quality. If you are worried about it, wipe it off.

    A new type of hygiene agent that does not use any chemicals such as alcohol and surfactants. It is a natural disinfectant that is friendly to both humans and the environment, and can be used for "alcohol-sensitive people" and "preventing the risk of rough skin due to frequent use".

    You can also take measures against food poisoning by placing it in the entrance or kitchen and using it when you return home, cook, before and after meals, etc. We also recommend using it as an antivirus measure in public facilities, long-term care facilities, nursery schools, kindergartens, and other accommodation facilities where an unspecified number of people come and go.

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